Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness


In this competitive era, it is imperative that as a Company, you protect your greatest investment – your staff.  After all, without great staff, nothing get done.  Wouldn’t you rather hire a person once and have them stay with for years, doing a great job? That’s what happens when you introduce Corporate Wellness programs into your organisation.

Corporate Wellness programs have been shown to increase staff morale, decrease sick days and healthcare costs, improve staff retention as well as make for a much nicer place to work.

After a lunchtime workout or yoga session, your staff will be revived and full of renewed vigor to get back to work.  No more 3pm productivity slumps.  No more time wasted as staff spend the second half of the day at the coffee shop trying to get that last pick-me-up.

I can assist your organisation with a wide range of options to suit your time constraints, budget and facilities.  Here is a short sample of what I can provide:

60 minute Seminars: healthy eating, increasing movement throughout the day, avoiding back pain at work.

Half and full day Wellness workshops

Lunchtime fitness classes (at your gym facility or outside in the park)

Personal nutrition consultations

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