Hey Kate - here you will find videos, links etc for you to watch and comment.  Thanks.
Much appreciated. ❤️


Consult 30 May 22.  I died in the close.  Start watching at  46:00    The rest is tedious.  I could not keep her on track. Thank you for your thoughts.

Carola 20 May 22 - This lady told me halfway through the consultation she didn't need coaching!  Just wasting my time. 

Consult 14 May 22 - I really thought I nailed this one.  Afterwards I contacted her to see if there was something we could work out financially.  She got back to me but said it was too expensive. 

Susie - 9 May 22.  This lady just wanted a chat.  She wasn't going to buy anything.  I tried to get her off the call. 

Consult 18 May 22 - in PARIS - on my holiday! Didn't even make the offer.  Sent her back to the group.  Not interested in help. 

Seleka - 11 June 22.  Happy with this.  Controlled it better.  There were a couple of things I know I could have improved.  But much happier.