Get Off The Diet Rollercoaster &  Lose Weight FOREVER
Have you been struggling with your body, unable to lose weight?
Are you confused and overwhelmed by the conflicting advice about the best diet for you?

Are you stuck
Have you tried every diet out there, but no matter what, nothing seems to work?

Have you given up the dream of being thin and healthy?

Then my new course, The Quick Road To Fabulous Weight Loss  is the answer you have been looking for.

I'm here to get rid of the confusion and put you on the right path - once and for all.
But then I discovered the SECRET to PERMANENT  Weight Loss
I learnt a proven way to effortlessly lose weight and keep it off for good. 

Backed by science and followed by many of the world's most eminent doctors. 

In The Quick Road To Fabulous Weight Loss online course I will share with you the secret to losing weight easily, for good! 

Without special packaged food.

Without weighing and measuring your food. 

and Without going hungry.

How you KNOW you can trust me . . .
and why you SHOULD
I hear you!

This all sounds too good to be true. 
Why should you listen to me? 

I lost my dad when he was too young to an unnecessary and totally avoidable heart attack caused by eating the wrong types of food. 

Back then, I knew NOTHING about the link between food and disease.  

I struggled with my weight my entire life, so I went to University and earned a Masters in Nutrition.

NOW...I know better! 

I am here to serve you and help you avoid the pain of discomfort and disease brought on by being overweight or obese. 

Here's What you Get:
In the Quick Road To Fabulous Weight Loss Online Course
  • PRIVATE SECURED MEMBERS AREA This is NOT on Facebook, but inside my website. The only people in here are peeps who have purchased the course - and ME of course! (Value $97) 

  • 5 MODULES EACH WITH 3-6 LESSONS Each lesson has a video to watch and some have a little easy homework.    (Value $497) 

  • WORKBOOKS, DOWNLOADS AND PDFs Writing things down helps you remember them and builds a strong foundation. Plus it helps you solidify new habits.  (Value $197) 

  • COMMUNITY FORUM  Here you can cheer on others and ask for support with your challenges. (Value $97)

  • ACCESS TO ME VIA CHAT -  Got a question?  I'll be right there to help. You can ask me anything. (Value $297)

  • WEEKLY GROUP ZOOM MEETINGS -  Get deeper into lesson topics for a greater understanding of concepts.   (Value $297)

  • BONUS #1: 3 Months Access to the Fabulous Health Vault. This vault is your go-to for recipes and interviews with experts, plus content not in the course modules. (Note: Access begins after the course finishes) (Value $87)

  • BONUS #2: Video Recordings of all Zoom Calls. You can refer to the content in your own time again and again. (Value $497)

Total Value $2066
ONLY $497.00
What's in the Modules?
I'm glad you asked . . .

In this module we take a look behind the scenes and find out just what it takes to be successful on any lifestyle changing journey.
You will find out what your roadblocks to success are and how to overcome them.

The Quick Road To Fabulous Weight Loss online course is a whole foods plant based eating program.  In this module you will learn all about the benefits of plant based eating, how to read nutrition labels and how to choose the most healthy foods for your family. 

Once we have worked out WHAT to eat, this module will teach you quick and easy ways to prepare healthy meals for you and your family.  We will scour the supermarket for the most healthy foods and then come back into the kitchen for easy meal prep.

In this module we look a the wonderful world of flavour.  
I know you are not going to try a new way of eating unless it is absolutely scrumptious!  So come on into my kitchen as I take you on a culinary adventure of outstanding flavours.
What do you do if your weight loss stalls?
How do you navigate a restaurant menu?
How do you approach family holidays?
In this module you will learn the tools to become more confident in situations outside your home. 

Here's what my past course participants say

Natalie resolved her gut issues in record time!DAEs1L0S9RA
"My bloat is gone!
Plus 5 pounds - and I wasn't even trying to lose weight. I'm feeling really good, I have more energy.  Overall I just feel so much better.  Literally within a week, that bloat was gone!".
Natalie, ON, Ca.

Wilene has lost over 35 pounds and is still losing weight!