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Lets face it, the earth is getting more and more polluted every single day.
You might be forgiven for thinking that all that pollution is caused by big manufacturing industries pumping toxins into the air, or too many cars on the roads, or airplanes. 

Whilst it is definitely true that these are a source of air pollution, unless you live right next to a freeway under a flight path next to a petrochemical plant, the most polluted air in fact is INSIDE your home.  
But don't stress, I'm going to help you create a healthy home for you and your family. 

 Hang on a minute. . .

Plug-in air fresheners - chock full of synthetic fragrances that can be associated with migraine headaches and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

Aerosols - bug spray, deodorant, hairspray, oven cleaner - may contain chemicals linked to liver and nervous system dysfunction.

Cleaning products - can have ingredients that are corrosive to skin and airways.

Make-up and personal care products - can contain chemicals that promote liver and kidney disease, and even cancer.

Kids products - The same toxic chemicals that are in the adult versions, are also in the kids products. 
Unfortunately those little bodies absorb chemicals much faster than adults and they are also more sensitive so they can sometimes affect worse adverse reactions.

That is list is NOT exhaustive. If you go to your bathroom cupboard or under your kitchen sink right now and pull out a product, check out the ingredients and type into google "Dangers of.... " and an ingredient you don't know,  your head will spin and you will probably throw that product right into the trash.

When I fuel my body with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, to me it is counterproductive to my health to then poison it with environmental chemicals.  Reducing the toxic load on our bodies is yet another way to maintain health and reduce the risk of disease.

That is why a couple of years ago, I switched ALL my household and personal care products over to those from  Young Living.

Young living has over 600 personal care and household products that have NONE of these nasties in them. You can clean your home, wash your hair, and wear make-up with confidence, knowing that you are not poisoning yourself or your family or pets in the process.

Young Living products are all infused with 100% therapeutic grade Essential Oils, free from pesticides, and carry the Seed-To-Seal guarantee.
Seed-to-Seal means that Young Living can guarantee the quality of their products via three pillars: from the growing and sourcing of raw ingredients, to the science of new product formulations and the standards they set for sustainability and global compliance. 

If you want to eradicate chemical toxins from your home, and improve the health of your family, then Young Living essential oils and oil infused products might just be what you are looking for. 

Young Living is a complete lifestyle company with products for home, cleaning, kids, skin care, pets, supplements, make-up and of course the healing power of Essential Oils.

If you would like to know more about Young Living and how their products can help your family, please there is a whole world of information on this website.
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