Terri Chrisman is a Whole Food Plant-Based Nutritionist, Speaker, Podcaster, and Writer.  
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Terri Chrisman is a Nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition (2018) and a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (2012). 
She is a Board Certified Diplomate with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (2022).

She is the presenter of the Fabulous Health Show Podcast and the owner of the website fabuloushealth.net.  She hosts a 1100+ strong Facebook group of likeminded people, all improving their health by eating more plants. 

Terri began her plant-based journey at the tender age of 18, when she became a vegetarian. In 2015 she adopted a Vegan whole food plant-based lifestyle .

She is originally from Melbourne, Australia,  but  has lived all over the world including London, Hong Kong, and Dubai. 
She now resides in the USA with her husband and two King Charles Cavalier pups named Elvis and Pickles.

In 2023 she joined the Physicians Association for Nutrition (pan-int.org) as a Medical Content Creator.  
She is proud to be creating valuable educational resources for health professionals and the public that will help many more people live healthy, happy lives, free from the shackles of lifestyle disease.

I believe that food is often the best medicine, and that most of today's health issues are caused by the modern lifestyle.  My clients learn how to make small changes in their food choices and lifestyle that create a compounding positive effect on their health and well-being.
Terri Chrisman's program delivered amazing results for me. I didn't even miss any of the old foods and lifestyle I had. The transformation in my life has been amazing.

Natalie, ON.Canada

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