A Few of  My  Favorite Things
This is a selection of my favorite products that I own and use.  I hope you love them as much as I do.
By clicking on the photo, you will be taken to the store to buy them.  When you purchase, I will receive a small commission.  Thank you for supporting Fabulous Health.

Souper Cubes are silicon trays for freezing bulk prepped soups, stews, grains, chilli, beans.  They are microwave and oven safe so you can cook in them too.  I have them in ALL the sizes. The best value is a Multipack.


Don't feel like cooking? Well Your World makes eating plant based ASOFAS free SO easy.  Their range of pre-made sauces, spice mixes and dressings add flavour to any dish.

Young Living are the ONLY company with Essential Oils FDA approved for use in cooking.  The outstanding flavour of these oils will take your cooking to a new dimension.  All you need is just 1 drop! (Each bottle holds 80-90 drops)

Most store bought dressings are full of fat and sugar.  Not California Balsamic.  These balsamic vinegars are reduced so that they are sweet enough to drizzle directly over your salad, veggies potatoes - whatever.  So YUMMY and oil and sugar free!

I've ditched coffee!  Instead I drink MUD\WTR! It's a coffee alternative with 1/7th the caffeine of coffee that gives you natural energy without the jitters and crash. Its full of fantastic antioxidant ingredients including cocoa powder, reishi and yummy chai.

I love Joi plant milk bases.  Just one ingredient!  My favorite is to mix the Cashew with the Almond.  Yummy in my MUD\WTR or with my oatmeal.  Get a sweet discount on me using the code FABULOUSHEALTH.

Fill your tummy with lots of yummy hot drinks with this FABULOUS mug.  Comes in 2 sizes: 12oz and 15oz.

I AM Fabulous T-shirt.  Available in lots of colors.
Wear this T-shirt and show people that you are Fabulous!

Tell the world how much you love animals and veggies with this handy shopping tote.  Also available  in Black.

This T-shirt is SUPER soft made out of recycled materials.  Eco friendly and comfy.  Oh - did I forget stylish?

This mug is super cute.  Its even better when it's filled with hot steamy veggie soup.  Mmmmm. Yum. 

There are LOTS more Fabulous Health products.  More T-shirts, More mugs and more bags.  Click the button to find more.