Here's what I'm all about
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I'm Terri Chrisman, a University qualified Nutritionist and Wellness professional with a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science and a Master in Human Nutrition.  I'm Board-Certified by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
Let me share a bit about myself!  

I am dedicated to helping as many people as I can lead healthy, vital and happy lives. 

I advocate a plant based whole foods diet free from animal products, hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals. 

believe that food can be the best medicine (or poison - depending upon what you eat) and that you can transform your health with a change in diet and lifestyle.

I want everyone to know where their food comes from, what's in it,  and the implications is has on their health.

I help people take control of their own health by changing their lifestyle, so they are no longer a slave to the Health Care (sick care) industry. 

I believe that our environment plays an enormous part in our health, and that eradicating chemical toxins from our homes - such as those found in cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products - can reduce cell oxidation and neurological disturbances and keep us healthy well into our old age. 

I have extensive experience working with both adolescents and adults.

My services include:
Online Courses - Get the health you deserve from the comfort of your own home.  My online course has easy to understand concepts using step-by-step online lessons; 

Private Nutrition Coaching - Personal program development and one-on-one coaching;

Public Speaking -Areas of expertise include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, transition to plant-based diet, avoiding lifestyle disease. 

Lifestyle Coaching - regain your health and happiness with small changes that make a BIG difference;

Household Environment Overhauls - remove the foods and chemicals that do not serve you and replace them with ones that do;

School Wellness - Wellness Centre project management, healthy eating and cooking seminars for students, teachers and parents, extra curricular fitness activities;

Corporate Wellness - group transformation programs, healthy lifestyle seminars, overseeing wellness facilities and programs;

My Beliefs
I believe that ALL people are equal,  regardless of gender, sexual preference, culture, social standing, nationality, race or religion.  I renounce any hatred or discrimination of any person for any reason. 

I am proud to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) community.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you live - if you have an internet connection, I can help you. 
If your health is not optimum, send me a message and we can work together to regain your vitality and your zest for life.

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