Kitchen Overhauls

Kitchen Overhauls


Does your kitchen need an overhaul? Eating healthy and nutritious plant-based food is SO EASY……if you allow it to be.  Of course, you can make it hard for yourself by hiding the chocolate and chips at the back of the cupboard and the ice-cream behind the frozen peas.  But that is a sure way to get you off track and away from your healthy eating goals.

Even though it might hurt to begin with, the BEST way to ensure success is the do a complete kitchen overhaul.  You remove the foods (or frankenfoods) that do not serve you and you replace them with whole, nutritious foods that will fuel your body and fill it with life-giving nutrients.

Out with the BAD, and IN with the GOOD.

“But my family is not on this journey with me”, you say.  I hear you.  But do they hear themselves?  Rather than eat healthy delicious whole foods, they would prefer to risk disease, obesity and toxicity for a brief taste?

Hmmmmm…….let me think about that.  You cannot change other people.  You can only change yourself and when those people in your home see the positive changes in you, perhaps they will adopt your new eating style too.  If not, then you need to banish their unhealthy processed garbage to their room or the garage, or their workplace – just out of your kitchen!

Lets be clear here.  In order to live the healthy life you desire, you MUST CHANGE.  If you want a BIG change in your life, you need to be OPEN to doing things differently than previously.

Here’s what you can expect from  a Kitchen Overhaul:

  • Complete stocktake of your pantry and fridge/freezer.
  • Itemised list of favorite foods.
  • Pantry and fridge freezer staples list.
  • Substitute list for processed/unhealthy foods.
  • Recipe e-book full of yummy, healthy and easy whole foods plant-based recipes.
  • Getting started on a Plant-based Diet guide.

FREE BONUS: I also take you on a tour of your local Supermarket (the whole family is invited) where I teach you how to read nutrition labels and choose the most healthy foods for your family.

COST: $250

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