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Well? Does Oatmeal give you cancer?  

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Whole grain oatmeal is a nutritious food that contains a good source of complex carbohydrates, iron, B vitamins, soluble fibre, protein, plant sterols, calcium, zinc - basically it’s a superfood. 

Eating a bowl of oatmeal every day can lower your cholesterol by reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) and circulating blood triglycerides (the fat in your arteries). 
Antioxidants in oatmeal assist in lowering inflammation - and if you know anything about disease progression, inflammation is at the root of all evil?

Oat-glucan can also reduce blood pressure and supplemental oat glucan has been shown to be as effective as medication in lowering blood pressure. 

Not only that, but the beta-glucan in oats slow down stomach emptying, resulting in delayed glucose absorption, which is a win for anyone who is insulin resistant or who has diabetes. 
What’s there not to love? ❤

So where does this headline come from?  Why am I scaring you? 

It’s all about HOW the oats are grown. If the oats are Organic and from Scotland (or anywhere else in Europe for that matter). Eat them!  Eat them often and without fear. 

BUT......(here’s the kicker)... IF your oats were conventionally grown in the USA ?? (not organic) you have a BIG problem. 

The USA allows TOXIC levels of the pesticide Glyphosate to be sprayed over any and all crops of Oats ?, Corn ? and wheat ? not certified as Organic. 
Levels of this pesticide are 6 TIMES those allowed by the European Union. In case you are wondering - that is 600% MORE PESTICIDES in your morning breakfast. 

Exposure to Glyphosate has been PROVEN to be fundamental in the development of cancer (You want scientific studies? Hit me up!).  

The worst part is how it affects your grandchildren that haven’t even been born yet.  YEP – toxic chemicals absorbed today can elicit gene expression in your DNA that can be carried down to your kids (if you haven’t had them yet) and their kids and their kids.  

So, if you experience genetic modification from pesticide exposure, it will change the genes of your future children and their children, making them more at risk of the deadly BIG C.

It’s worse for kids.  Children are MORE susceptible to chemical toxicity than adults.  Exposing your young daughter to toxic chemicals increases the risk of early puberty, reproductive problems, learning difficulties, cardiovascular disease, neurobehavioral diseases (Hey! Why is there so much ADHD these days??) – the list goes on.

And it’s not just Oatmeal! It’s Cornflakes and Cheerios and Special K and Honey ? Bunches of Oats. It’s also crackers, cookies ?, bread, pasta ?, Tostitos, corn on the cob, frozen corn. 
ANY non-organic processed food made with these grains and produced in the USA. 

Basically, half the supermarket. 

But fear not. It’s REALLY EASY to NOT die from cancer caused by glyphosate poisoning. 
Just look where your products are made. Are they ORGANIC? Or are they from the EU (the non-organic EU ones have tonnes less pesticides)?  If so, eat them with no fear, and be merry. 

If it’s from the USA and it’ NOT Organic, leave it and be healthier for it. 

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