If you are already following a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle, do you take supplements?  
If so, what do you take?  
Did you know that most vitamin and mineral supplements may be a complete waste of money, because what they claim to have inside the bottle is not regulated and could be complete lies?
Added to this, vitamins and minerals and are not physiologically beneficial unless your body is deficient.
The water-soluble vitamins will just get processed by the liver then excreted (ever seen orange urine after taking Vitamin B?) and the fat-soluble ones will be stored in your fat cells. 
This can be dangerous in some cases, for example with Vitamin A, where large supplemental doses can be toxic to the human body.  
Rest assured however, that there has never been a case of Vitamin A toxicity from eating too many carrots or Vitamin A rich foods!
That is why it is important not to just randomly take supplements, but to have them prescribed for you by a professional such as myself. 
Personally, I take a few daily supplements.  My regimen may not be appropriate for you, so please don’t just blindly copy what I do. We are all different human beings and all require different nutrient levels, however, there are recommended daily allowances  (RDA) for most nutrients. 
Vitamin B12
B12 is ESSENTIAL for anyone eating a whole foods plant based diet. 
It is the ONLY vitamin that you cannot get from plant-based whole foods. 
Some plant milks and Nutritional yeast have B12 added, but the amount is inconsistent.  DAEnCKS1YX0
B12 is essential for energy production and normal nerve function.  Deficiencies in B12 can cause a once fatal condition, Pernicious Anaemia. This deficiency can result in irreversible neurological damage and eventually death.
Luckily, since the early 20th Century, scientists discovered the cause of the condition, which can now be rectified by Vitamin B12 supplementation.  
There are two types of Vitamin B12 supplements.  
Methylcobalamin and cyanocobalamin.  
One has a methyl group attached, the other has a cyanide group attached.  
The cyanide based version is cheaper and more readily available – but, peeps, it’s CYANIDE!  
NO THANKS!  I’ll stick with the methylcobalamin.

Calcium and Vitamin D3DAEnCIGKxXE
As a post menopausal woman, my body does not create oestrogen, the hormone responsible for osteoblast (bone building) activity.  It is a natural side effect of ageing that the body slowly loses bone density after the age of 25, and this degradation is accelerated after menopause.  (I’m sensing this is a subject for another blog post, so stay tuned on that).  
The body’s peak bone density occurs, in women, at about age 18. 
That is why I am passionate about encouraging girls to regularly participate in sporting activities, particularly those that involve impact. 
Exercise such as gymnastics, running, weight lifting, dancing and ball sports are all beneficial to maximal bone density development.
After we reach peak bone density, it’s all downhill.  So again, it is imperative that we maintain regular exercise throughout our entire lives, to slow down, if not arrest, the process. 
Food sources of calcium include tofu, almonds.
Anyway – I want to be 100 years old and still exercising, walking the dog, lifting weights and enjoying life.  
That is why I give my body a little help with calcium supplements.  Vitamin D3 helps the calcium get absorbed into the body and assists with cellular function in making it bioavailable.

This element is magnificent for muscle repair.  
When I was running marathons, I was both taking it internally and rubbing it on my skin in oil form.  
It can be absorbed directly into tired muscles via dermal application. 
 If you do not exercise vigorously on a daily basis, you do not need supplemental magnesium. 
You can get enough for normal function from green veggies, avocado, banana and nuts and seeds.

If you are eating a diverse plant based diet replete with a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as multiple varieties of grains and legumes, then you should not NEED a multivitamin. 
Of course, everyone’s nutrient requirements are different….
Even though you are eating well, you might take a multi and use it as an insurance policy against any potential deficiencies or malabsorption issues.
I get that.
Personally, I have, as yet, not found a multi that my body likes.  Even the whole food organic ones. They all give me tummy upset. 
Multivitamins are conflicting.  

 They might have a good mix of Iron and Vitamin C – which work well together.
But then the Calcium in the same tablet inhibits the absorption of the Vitamin C…
Or they have WAY too much Vitamin A and not enough Magnesium.
For this reason, personally, I stay away from Multivitamins.  

Whole food supplements are different because they are basically pureed or dehydrated foods, squashed into a smaller form.  I consider these more food than supplement. 
Ningxia Red JuiceDAEnCIDrsO4
This is a proprietary blend of wolfberry puree, berry and plum juice with citrus essential oils.  Wolfberries have one of the highest levels of antioxidants of any food on the planet.  They contain a polysaccharide called licerium barbarum (LBP). 
Studies of LBP have proven this polysaccharide’s cardio-protective, anti-cancerous and immune-stimulating properties. 
It also has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and protect the DNA from replication damage.
It tastes yummy and has multiple benefits so I make it a part of my morning routine.  
To find out more from this amazing drink click HERE.

Juice Plus Whole Food Capsules
 I've only recently been introduced to these whole food capsules.  
They contain over 30 different fruits and vegetables that have been quick frozen, juiced  and dehydrated. The whole fruit, vegetable or berry, including peels, leaves and seeds is used whenever possible, to harvest the greatest amount of nutrients.

If you have been eating a mainly processed food diet, without many fruits or vegetables, these capsules may be a good option to introduce these nutrients to your system.

If you would like a personal supplement recommendation based on your nutritional needs, please CONTACT ME for a private consultation. 
Tell me about your current supplement regimen in the comments. 

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