I get asked almost EVERY day if the plant-based meat alternatives like the Impossible Burger or the Beyond Burger are good for our health.  
Before I answer that question, you need to know that these plant-based meat alternatives were formulated over years to be almost exact replicas of the texture and taste of meat, but without using a live animal. 

What does meat have in it that people like?  
So these meat substitutes also have a lot of fat.   
Saturated fat to be precise.  
A standard Beef burger patty  (say, From McDonalds - which is not the best quality, but it's a good comparison) is 67% fat, most of that is Saturated fat - the fat that clogs your arteries and gives you heart disease amongst other nasty things. 
An impossible burger is 53% fat - again, most of it saturated.  
So, in that sense, is it healthier?  Not by much

BUT. . . 

This is what store bought plant-based burgers have going for them:
1.  They are MUCH better for the environment, using a fraction of the water and land resources as a meat patty
2.  They are MUCH better for the animals - none of which are tortured and killed in the process of making said burger
3.  They have no cholesterol or hormones, or medications or chemicals that are present in meat. 

So, in that sense they are better.  But eating them instead of a meat burger is only marginally healthier.  

What can you do instead?  Make your own . . . with WHOLE FOOD!!!

It's so easy.  

Throw the ingredients in a bowl.
Shape into patties.
Freeze the rest for later. 

Here is my SECRET formula for the PERFECT veggie burger. 
Choose your favorites in each of the categories to make the burger that is perfect for YOU. 

ENJOY!  Make your own and tell us about it in the comments.

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